natural resources

CAN ZIM aims to promote sustainable forests resources management and waste management in Zimbabwe. CAN Zim intents to introduce educational programs and community projects aimed at increasing awareness of the three pillars of development namely, the natural environment, society and economic sector and the role they play in sustainable development.

CAN Zim’s objectives on natural resources and waste management:

  1. To advocate for environmental/climate justice through education and awareness campaigns, capacity building in a bid to ensure communities can; identify activities that violate their rights, voice their concern to the relevant authorities, using various channels, take legal action against perpetrators, shape policy formulation, and most importantly to make them aware of their responsibilities in environmental/climate justice.
  2. To promote the planting of exotic and indigenous trees throughout the country by 2050 while improving the environmental well-being of such communities as a poverty reduction mechanism.
  3. To address the challenges associated with deforestation through community-based afforestation projects. The organization intents to own tree nurseries across the country.