Dr. Raymond Mugandani has BSc training in Soil Science, MSc in Agricultural Meteorology, and Ph.D. in Crop Science. This training makes him a transdisciplinary scientist, researcher, and system thinker. He is currently the chair of the Department of Land and Water Resources in the Faculty of Agriculture, Environment, and Natural Resources Management at Midlands State University (MSU). Dr. Mugandani is a current member of the Zimbabwe National Climate Change communication team, working in the vulnerability and adaptation team. He is a board member for the Climate Change Network of Zimbabwe since 2020 and Co-chair of the MSU Climate Change Mainstreaming Research Program. He has also introduced a climate change and adaptation course at MSU. DR Mugandani has also participated in various national and international workshops on climate change, vulnerability, and adaptation. He has also done a lot of research nationally on vulnerability assessment in communal areas of Zimbabwe. He has published more than ten refereed articles in the field of climate change and environmental sciences. Dr. Mugandani was also instrumental in registering MSU as a member of The Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture. Dr. Mugandani also spearheaded many funded projects on climate change adaptation. He also leads a multidisciplinary team at MSU, collaborating with various universities nationally and internationally, working on various aspects of climate change.