Tendayi Marowa is a mechanical engineer with 32 years of industrial experience, spending the first 10 years in the meat industry specializing in maintenance, projects, and energy management, after which started providing consultancy and training services to industry and Government on energy and climate change with Comprehensive Energy Solutions in 2000. He was involved in projects that are national in character including the development of Zimbabwe’s Nationally Determined Contribution, the development of the National Renewable Energy Policy, the estimation and compilation of the energy sector GHG emissions. Tendayi has been a strong and enthusiastic proponent of energy efficiency in the country and he is the Chairman of the Energy Technical Committee of Business Council for Sustainable Development-Zimbabwe (BCSDZ), and also a member of the Technical Committee on Climate Change and Air Emissions, and was actively involved in developing a technical proposal that sought funding from CTCN to conduct energy efficiency and water management pilot audits in ten organizations. Tendayi is an international reviewer of National Communications (NCs) and Biennial Reports (BRS) of Annex I Parties, and part of the technical team of experts for the analysis of Biennial Update Reports (BURs) for non-Annex I Parties.